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Extend your brand and complement your marketing campaigns. Customers and employees will think of your company every time they use the card.

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Benefits of Prepaid Debit Card Programs

Perfect for every incentive reward and all your business needs. For your customersfor your employeesfor your business — the benefits of prepaid debit card programs are endless.

smartOne Prepaid card programs:

  • Save you time and money and improve your operational efficiency.
  • Are safer than cash and even checks – smartOne cards can be replaced if lost or stolen and are backed by the Visa® and MasterCard® Zero Liability Policies.
  • Have been proven to motivate customer and employee loyalty, boost workplace morale and drive new business.
  • Offer customizable branding options to increase your brand exposure and recognition as part of your corporate marketing programs.

Our company wants you to enjoy the many benefits of our prepaid debit card programs, whether you choose to reward your employees, your customers or business partners. We offer both non-reloadable cards and reloadable cards – to find out more, call us today at 1-800-391-9503 or contact us online.

smartOne Prepaid is Flexible and Convenient

Our customizable prepaid cards are often the reward of choice – and here's why:
  • They can be used anywhere Visa® debit or Debit MasterCard® is accepted – in store, over the phone or online.
  • They are available in any value, starting as low as five dollars.
  • Often they are preferred over gift cards, which can only be used at limited retailers – and even preferred over cash rewards.
  • Plus, with smartOne’s Traditional Prepaid Card, there are no cardholder fees. All of the money loaded on the card is for the cardholder – that means no activation fees, no monthly fees, and the money belongs to the cardholder for the life of the card.

To learn more about the benefits of our prepaid debit card programs, read our case studies, check out industry news, or call a smartOne Prepaid consultant at 1-800-391-9503.

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