Customized smartOne Prepaid Stryker Spot Award MasterCard

Did you know?

75% of incentive planners said that when all factors are considered - including costs, impact on recipients and outcomes - prepaid cards are the most effective employee rewards they have.

Check out our Employee Recognition Infographic and find out why recognition works.


Prepaid Debit Cards for Employee Recognition

Reward, recognize, and motivate your employees
Many choose to use smartOne Prepaid debit cards for employee recognition – our cards serve as a creative and personalized way to reward your employees, recognize milestones, and motivate performance.

Show your appreciation for your staff members' hard work and dedication with a reward that gives them the freedom to choose how to use it.

Here are just a few ways you can use smartOne prepaid debit cards for employee recognition:
  • Recognize holidays or birthdays
  • Distribute year-end bonuses
  • Provide sales incentives
  • Honor years of service or job promotions

Plus, smartOne can also help boost your company's morale through initiatives such as the following:
Our prepaid debit cards can even improve budget control, reimbursement procedures, and expense reporting:
  • Use them as expense cards or per diem funds
  • Load a specified amount to budget project expenses
  • Use smartOne cards for employees when traveling
  • Open a reloadable card  to eliminate reimbursement checks, petty cash, and the need to issue multiple corporate credit cards
To learn more about using our prepaid debit cards for employee recognition, call one of our smartOne Prepaid consultants today at 1-800-391-9503 or contact us online

The Benefits of Using Prepaid Debit Cards for Employee Recognition

They're safer than cash:
Our cards are backed by the Visa® and MasterCard® Zero Liability Policies, which protect funds from fraudulent use and ensure your cards are replaceable if lost or stolen.
They're customizable:
When you choose our prepaid debit cards for employee recognition, you'll have access to several customization options, including the ability to write a personalized message or print your company logo on the card.
They're extremely convenient:
Our prepaid debit cards can be used anywhere Visa® debit or Debit MasterCard® is accepted, in store or online at countless retail locations!

Call smartOne at 1-800-391-9503 to find out more about using prepaid debit cards for employee recognition. Ready to begin your custom reward card program today? Click here to get started!