Types of Prepaid Debit Card Programs

smartOne Prepaid has several different types of prepaid debit card programs to meet all your business needs. Whether you need non-reloadable, reloadable, personalized, or customized cards, our dedicated team of experienced prepaid specialists will work with you to tailor the right program for your business. Check out our available program features and call us to find the right program for you!

smartOne Prepaid cards are perfect for:

Consumer Promotions: rebates, loyalty awards, test drives, sweepstakes, customer appreciation rewards, referrals, survey participation, refunds (utility/apt deposits).

Employee Loyalty: holiday awards, employee appreciation, spot awards, years of service, retirement, safety awards, wellness programs, events, contests.

Incentives: sales incentive, spiff, employee referral, partner referral, new hire/potential candidate reimbursement.

Disbursement: disaster relief, charitable disbursement, law suit settlement, structured settlement, insurance settlement, cell phone buyback, scrap metal recycling, pawn shop/consignment, lottery or casino disbursement, loan disbursement, student loan refunds, workers comp payments, employee reimbursement (on-boarding, training, T&E), employee allowances (uniform/tools, etc).

Order online today or call one of our smartOne Prepaid consultants at 1-800-391-9503 to learn more about the types of prepaid debit card programs we offer to meet your business needs!

smartOne Award Card Program Features
Monetary Load Limit up to
Card Image Customization1
Card Carrier Customization1
Customize Embossing Lines
Universal Acceptance2
Make Purchases Online
24/7 Cardholder Customer Service
Account Holder Web Access
FDIC Insured
Zero Liability Policy3
for fraudulent charges
Replaced if Lost or Stolen1
Deposit/Order History Available to Company
Transaction Data Available to Cardholder
Easy Payment and Funding Options4
Learn More about
Single-Load Cards
Learn More about
Reloadable Cards

Have questions? Feel free to call 1-800-391-9503 or contact us online to speak with a representative about prepaid debit cards for your business.

ATM access and international usage available for some card programs. Cardholder name and address required for certain card programs.
1Additional fees may apply.
2Accepted anywhere Visa debit or Debit MasterCard is accepted.
3Visa’s Zero Liability policy covers U.S.-issued cards only and does not apply to ATM transactions, PIN transactions not processed by Visa, or certain commercial card transactions. Cardholder must notify issuer promptly of any unauthorized use. Consult issuer for additional details or click here. MasterCard’s Zero Liability policy: Conditions and exceptions apply. For more information, click here
4Payments accepted by bank wire, ACH credit, or credit card.